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PROSPERA strengthens the attention and inter institutional coordinated actions to contribute enhance the development of capabilities, access to social rights and the increase of welfare of the population in poverty through four components: Nutrition, Health, Education and Bonding.

The reach and capacity of the education and health system determines the feasibility of PROSPERA to implement its four components on specific locations; thus, the program established two schemes for granting the educational aid to the beneficiary families:

a) Aid With Co-responsibility: the families receive the aid of all the components and they commit to comply with specific actions on Health and Education.

b) Aid Without Co-responsibility: the families receive the aid on the Health and Bonding components, as well as scholarships for High School students, however they are not required to comply with specific actions.

Componente Alimentario
Componente de Salud
Componente Educativo
Componente de Vinculación