Bonding Component

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With the Bonding Component, PROSPERA promotes productive, financial, labor and social inclusion for the beneficiary families; this is achieved by articulating and coordinating the institutional offer of productive enhancement programs, income creation, financial services, employment training and market linking, and access to other social rights.

The productive inclusion strategy considers the definition of schemes and models of articulation between different productive enhancement programs from the federal government. This strategy entails helping beneficiaries to organize into groups to develop productive projects, making it easier for them to have access to such programs.

This strategy is constituted by the following stages: i) identification of the productive potential of the Program beneficiaries; ii) articulation of beneficiaries into organized structures; iii) counseling to the beneficiaries for the elaboration and applications for productive projects support.


Through the financial inclusion strategy, beneficiaries are granted access to financial services in preferential conditions. In this sense, financial education, life insurance, savings schemes, basic and complementary credits are some of the products and benefits that are offered.

The financial services are provided by the Settlement Institution that conducts the bimonthly delivery of the financial supports to the beneficiary families of PROSPERA. Thus, this institution informs the characteristics and conditions of each one of the products, while promoting them among the beneficiaries.

In the case of contracting programed saving plans, life insurances, credits and additional benefits, the beneficiaries will domicile the payment of these services to the bank account where they receive the bimonthly cash transfer.


The labor inclusion strategy aims at offering a training alternative for jobs. This strategy places special emphasis in former scholarship holders of PROSPERA that have finished their high school education and are still part of the beneficiary household, so that they have working and self-employment options.

The Program performs articulating actions with the Ministry of Labor and Social Prevision to link the beneficiaries of PROSPERA with the National Employment Service that, in accordance with the priority criteria, will attend the following options:

1. Link interested people with job offers considering their needs, knowledge and skills, for them to cover the available vacancies.

2. Incorporate the people who have stated their interest in taking training courses for finding better job opportunities.

3. Support the initiatives of productive occupation of the interested beneficiaries, through the granting of economic resources and in-kind support.

The Social Inclusion strategy is carried out through actions of inter-institutional coordination to Foster the priority Access for the members of the households attended by PROSPERA to those programs that grant access to social rights fulfillment programs.