Education Component
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With its education component, PROSPERA enhances a greater educational coverage, through granting scholarships as an incentive to avoid scholar desertion and support scholar progress.

The actions of the education component are oriented to support the enrollment, continuity and regular attendance to elementary school, junior high and high school of the children from beneficiary families registered under the scheme of Supports with Co-Responsibility.

Moreover, with this component PROSPERA seeks to reduce the prevalence of child labor in the country, certify the acquired knowledge by the students that conclude junior high and high school, and to support the transition from high school to college by granting scholarships that support those who enter the first grade for undergraduate school.


Scholarships in Elementary, Junior High, High School

The scholarships in elementary and junior high are granted to youngsters under 18 years old enrolled in scholar grades comprehended between third year and ninth year of school in full-time schooled modality. Likewise, to youngsters up to 22 years and eleven months old with special needs, enrolled into Special Education Schools, including the labor formation that offer the Multiple Attention Centers (Labor CAM).

In the case of towns under 2500 inhabitants, PROSPERA may grant scholarships to minors enrolled in first and second year of elementary school. The scholarships for high school are assigned to youngsters between 14 and 21 years old enrolled in schools of schooled modality, non-schooled and mixed modality.

The aid for recognition of acquired knowledge is destined for youngsters between 18 and 29 years old that obtain their Junior High certificate and between 22 and 29 years old that obtain their High School certificate.


Support for school material

Children and youngsters that hold scholarships for elementary, junior high, special education schools and Labour CAM receive, along with the scholarship of the first two months of the school year, another monetary support for the acquisition of school material. Elementary school children who receive scholarships are also granted financial support for the replacement of school materials along with the scholarship during the first two months of the school year.

Likewise, high school scholarship holders in schooled and mixed modality receive also an annual monetary transfer for the acquisition of school material, along with the scholarship of the first two months of the school year.


Scholarships for undergraduate education

PROSPERA grants, in collaboration with the National Ministry of Scholarships of Undergraduate Level (CNBES), a scholarship and financial aid for transportation to the beneficiary youngsters that enter the first year of a bachelor’s degree or Higher Technical University (TSU), in Institutions of Public Education (IPES).

This aid programs are only for youngsters from PROSPERA beneficiary families that study the first year of a higher education program. Those scholarships are granted for the first 12 months of attendance, and the transportation support for 10 months.