Food Component
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Through the Nutrition Component, PROSPERA provides monthly cash transfers to improve the nutrition of all the beneficiary family members in a healthy, varied and sufficient way.

This component has three strategies that grant aid for the beneficiaries registered under both schemes (Aid With and Without Co-responsibility). In the first place, the “Nutrition Aid” consists in a monthly cash transfer that helps improve the quantity, quality and diversity of the families’ nutrition. In the second place, PROSPERA has the “Complementary Nutrition Aid” whose purpose is to compensate the families for the effects of the international rise of food prices. Finally, the families with members between 0 to 9 years old have an “Infant Aid” that is delivered bimonthly to strengthen the development of the children.


The Program created two strategies that are delivered only to the families registered under the scheme of Aid Without Co-responsibility: the “Nutritional Aid, Without Hunger” which implements cash transfers for improving the purchase power for food of the beneficiary families. Additionally, the families without co-responsibility that are switching to the scheme of Aid with Co-responsibility receive the “Special Aid of Transition” to protect the household economy during the process.


Besides, PROSPERA performs other actions for promoting the nutrition and healthy alimentation for children under 5 years old, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

For that, the activities of this component in coordination with those of the Health component grant bimonthly dietary supplements to complement the everyday diet and with it fight malnutrition in vulnerable groups among the beneficiary population. Also, as a part of this strategy, health units are improving their equipment, and specialized counselling in nutrition is incorporated to monitor the growth and nutritional status of the household members.