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Main Goal

Contribute to strengthen the fulfillment of social rights that enhance the capabilities of people who live in poverty, through actions that improve their nutrition, health, educational capabilities, and increase their access to other dimensions of welfare.

Specific Goals

Enhance capabilities associated with nutrition, health, education, and grant access to other dimensions of welfare for the beneficiary families through the following:

1. Aid to improve the nutrition of all the beneficiary family members.

2. Insure access to the Basic Guaranteed Bundle of Health and the progressive expansion to the 27 interventions of Public Health of the CAUSES to the beneficiary families, with the purpose of fostering the use of preventive health services, self-care and better nutrition of all the family members, with emphasis in the most vulnerable population such as infants, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

3. Grant educational aid for elementary education, junior high and high school to children and youngsters of the beneficiary families with to ensure their enrollment, regular attendance to school, and its termination.

4. Strengthen the commitment with the goals of the program and the active participation from all members of the beneficiary families in the actions associated with the interventions of PROSPERA.

5. Promote access of beneficiary population to financial services in preferential conditions and to the institutional offer of social programs for productive development, income creation and labor inclusion that increase the productive potential, so that they can improve their economic welfare as well as improve through actions of coordination and institutional linkages, their conditions in other dimensions of wellbeing.